Zap-It! Insect Bite Relief

Fast Acting - Anti-Itch Zapper Safe, Non-Toxic and Chemical Free Device to Reduce Itching and Swelling

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Zap-It! is your Bite Buddy

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Insect Bite Relief

The Zap-It! insect bite relief tool carried in your pocket is at-the-ready to use on over 1,000 bites. It rapidly stops itching and the urge to scratch, reduces inflammation and skin blemishes.

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Innovative Technology

Zap the itch away with Zap-It!

It's fun to use for children, and safe to use for all the family to banish bites when they occur.

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Zap a bite!

Using Zap-It! is much better than scratching.

Try it for yourself … and be the judge if it works for you!

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It definitely works! Stopped me scratching when I was bitten


My daughter always gets bitten so we gave this a go. We only needed the one zap and it stoped all of the itching. I highly recommend A+++ from us

Joe W

This is genius, I don’t leave home without it. Excellent on horse fly bites too, gone are the days of big red blotches that I can’t resist scratching.